Sunday, August 9, 2009

Google Reader

Aggregator's are a useful tool in the Learning process as they allow students and teachers to keep track of information. When using a Blog or Wiki as a learning tool, it can be hard to keep track of updates, however using an aggregator allows information to be tracked and all persons needing updates to be kept 'in the loop'.

When asking students to create their own blog and using it as an assessment item, teachers can mark the URL's of students blogs and receive notifications of updates that students are making. Likewise, students can mark the URL's of other students and the teachers blog to allow them to keep up-to-date with their peers and the activities the teacher requests of them.

I know that I use Google Reader to keep up-to-date with what my peers are posting on their blogs as well as accessing news feeds. Google Reader makes it easy and straight forward to comment on my peers blogs and see their opinions on items. I have only used Google Reader as I try and streamline my accounts and as I already have gmail, it makes it much easier for me to use Google Reader than Bloglines. I have also found that Google Reader has many more functions than Blog Lines.

Aggregator's can also be used to receive up-to-date news and new postings on websites of interest. Keeping up with news and events is essential in today's environment, and by using a facilitator such as Google Reader makes knowing what's news much easier.

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