Monday, August 17, 2009

Digital Storytelling

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"Digital kids need learning to be relevant, meaningful, and applicable now." Marco Antonio Torres

Combining audio, visual and multimedia tools, digital storytelling introduces many facets of classical learning. Letting children become the storyteller allows them to explore their imagination. Becoming the storyteller, especially in an interactive digital way, will encourage children to learn and grow as well as keeping them entertained in the material. Creative, writing, personal, speaking and technical skills are all utilized by students when creating a digital story.
Learning life skills though digital storytelling such as planning, production and presentation as well as the effective use of digital media. Digital storytelling can involve test, images, movies, audio, transitions and animation.

Allowing students to express themselves in the form of a digital story is a wonderful way to introduce them to technology and to their own stories. Creating a task in which students will be involved and hands on is essential as it will not only decrease class disruptions but also draw the best out of students as they will be working with a medium that is exciting to them.

Allowing student to discover information on their own and then present their findings to their classmates will not only instill a sense of achievement, but also pride in their work. Also, allowing students to teach other students captures the attention of the students as it is a new teaching experiance for them.

Afterall, the best digital story is passionate, relative, real and entertaining, and who knows what is realtive and entertaining for a class than a student in that class. The passion that one student conveys for a subject will also be conveyed to more students that the passion a teacher may have for that subject.

Skills learnt though being a digital storyteller are essential throughout life. I think that giving students the opportunity to show their creativity and create their own story using a digital media.

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