Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Presentations with PowerPoint

Hey all,

The major challenge in making a presentation is the entertainment factor. If it isn't entertaining and won't keep the attention of the audience they are not going to learn the content presented. However, if the presentation provides too much entertainment, the audience will be hanging out for the next joke or effect and not pay attention to the content.

That leaves the question of what to do!?!

Well my idea was to provide a presentation that involves entertainment and information. So using an avatar such as Voki makes a good way to start... get everyone's attention. Using slide with dot points on them and elaborating on the points keeps attention on me, as the speaker and using transitions and sound effects keeps the audience entertained. I also feel that it is important to allow questions to be asked through out the presentation as this means that they won't be forgotten by the end of the presentation.

I didn't find any challanges with PowerPoint as I have used it extensivly at school, however I found that the tutorial helped me remeber many of the tools that I had forgotton. It was great to be refreshed and I have bookmarked the page so that I can use the information for future presentations.

I found that the PowerPoint tutorial was helpful and provided me with lots of ideas about how to use the full capabilities of the program. I will defiantly use PowerPoint more often in the future!!
What does everyone else think of PowerPoint?



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