Monday, August 10, 2009


Afternoon all,

I am not a fan of Mahara, I sturggle to use it and find it time consuming to create the views as they are have many process's involved in completing them.

It has taken me a while to work this program out. Mahara is an interesting way of creating a portfolio that can display several “view”s. These views enable the owner to display information to certain users. These views are individual pages that the owner can create to display feeds from web pages, pictures, text, and any other concepts they wish. The flexibility of Mahara enables the user to have total control of the displayed information.

Mahara can be an educational tool through its versatility and ability to display various information. A teacher can create multiple views and then allow access to students as they progress though the work, enabling them to view more information.

I am not sure that I would ever use Mahara as an educational tool or for any purpose. I find it hard to use and hard to navigate around. I don't think that it is really a suitable learning tool as it takes a large amount of time away from studying content into learning how to create the pages.

I would love to hear what everyone else thinks about it,


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  1. Hi Jess,
    I agree with your comment about a lot of work setting up and getting used to all its features. However I think once you have set it up and of course we have more time to play with it, I believe it will be a valuable tool for networking with peers and having access at a click of a button to our own personal portfolio. I am yet to add anything of importance other than my details and don't know enough about Mahara at this point to fully understand its potential. I think we should persevere with this E-Tool and look to the future.
    Cheers Melody x