Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Avatars and Voki

Evening all,

I made a Voki, as you can see to your left. Its a horse - of course - and a talkinging one, so I choose to call him Mr. Ed. (Its a talking horse - of course)
Well, Voki... Its a little different. I think that it could be a good way to start a lesson or introduce something, however it can become over whelming if presented for to long. During a long lesson, Voki's could be used to bring attention back to the subject and wake up students from the monotony of speech.
Voki's also allow students with poor reading skills to access content provided. They also provide students with poor speech skills a way to present oral's and use voice to enhance their presentations and self-confidence.
Voki is fun, Voki is creative, Voki is interesting. Using an avatar such as Voki is a great way to enhance a lesson or introduce a new concept. Entertain students with this fun concept to create interest!

Night all,


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