Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey all,

I think that podcasts are wonderful ways to keep up to date with information, learn new concepts and become aware of different ideas. There are many uses that Podcasts can have in the learning enviroment. Using posts created and posetd by others can be useful in exposing students to new idea's and the ideas of others. iTune also gives teachers the opportunity to create their own podcasts, giving them an easy way to update students on information.

I had a look around the internet to see what I could find on Podcasts and came across this great video on Youtube. Haveing watched this I thought it was about time to look for a podcast that would suit what I wanted. Having got side tracked in the process with a TopGear podcast, I finally made it to the educational section and have found so many inspiring podcasts.

For studnets learning another lanuage there are posts to help with french, spanish, german and so on. Biology, chemistry, maths and english all have podcasts to help students. Whether a teacher chooses to assign students a poscast to listen to or watch or the student looks for podcasts just to help their learning journey, they are very useful and can definitly make the difference in having an enjoyable learning experiance.



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