Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WIKI's Again

Evening all,

WIKI's are a great tool in teaching students about the validity of information found on the internet. Learning about information realiability and the ease in which people can edit information on the internet.

Getting students to populate a WIKI such as Wikipedia to explore the pages that exist and find a page that needs to be written. Students can then write their own page, linking information from their page to other pages, picking mistakes in relating articles. Students will have to research the topic using accredited sources to find information that is valid. They will also have to use appropriate language, follow layout formats and write a correct and full bibliography. This task will not only help students understand how easy it is to change and edit information on sites such as Wikipedia, but also give them a sense of achievement as they will have published a page that is able to be viewed by the entire world.

Students will hopefully enjoy this task as they will be able to work together and choose any topice they like as the lesson is not the subject matter but the process involved.



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