Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PowerPoint - Again

Hey all,

I think that PowerPoint is a wonderful tool for teaching. It not only helps with giving lessons, but also provides students with a visual and audio aid in the lesson.

I have used PowerPoint a lot and the way that I have found the most fun is creating a story quiz. Have you ever read one of those books where you get to choose the outcome of the story? Well I have created a PowerPoint in the past, (and I cannot find where it has gone) where students move their way though the PowerPoint and based upon their answer, they are directed to another slide. This gives students a way to learn that is individually tailored to them, with each student having the possibility to see different slides and different information. The quiz took about 20 minuets to complete and entertained students. Once they had complete the quiz, students discussed the different paths they followed though the lesson and how these paths had helped them understand each concept involved.

What do others think of this idea? How would it fit in with your teaching style?


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