Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hi all,

Just made a Wiki...

I found that the website was quite easy to use and allowed easy interation not only with my own page, but also others pages. As a learning tool, Wiki's provide users with a medium to interact and collaborate on ideas.
Allowing multiple persons to interact and edit the page, wiki's allow students and teacher to make adjustments. Multiple teachers can work from on wiki site to allow large number of students (possibly 3 or 4 classes) to all be provided with the same data.
In a school situation where there are 4 year 8 classes, using a wiki as a form of information delivery for students would allow one teacher to deliver the course to all students and for them to have access to the information not only from school but also from home.

Wiki's provde a useful tool in learning and keep the process interesting from students, taking learning away from the whiteboard.

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