Saturday, July 25, 2009

PowerPoint as a Learning Tool

Hi Everyone,

Have you used PowerPoint before? Or been taught from PowerPoint? It makes learning so much easier for everyone involved!

As a teacher, using PowerPoint helps in creating an interesting medium for students. This keeps their attention and allows them to interact with the teaching material. Delivering a lecture to individual computer terminals (much like FLEX education) allows the utilization of buttons and animations specific to the students choices. Asking questions and giving each student the oportunity to choose awnsers from a range of options presented as buttons gives students a form of control over their learning medium.
Using transitions, animations, colors, and effects is also beneficial when delivering material in a lecture enviroment. These visual effects capture the attention of the audiance over and over again, if used wisely.

As a student, PowerPoint creates an interesting medium to learn from. There is nothing worse than sitting in a lecture and listening to the monotonous drone of the lectures that lulls you into sleep. PowerPoint allows lectures to interact with students, capturing their attention over and over agian with transitions, sound effects and animations.

PowerPoint is a remarkable tool that is fully flexiable to many learning and life situations. From total controls to click for each new step to be presented to one click fully timed presentations, PowerPoint does it all!

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  1. Hi Jess,
    I have never thought of using PowerPoint on individual computers before. I am actually delivering a lesson on Tuesday using PowerPoint, but I don't have access to the computer lab, just the media room. This particular lesson would have worked so well this way - thanks for bringing it to my attention!